Located on 4th St. N. across from the Rockglen Community Rink, the Heritage Orchard was inspired by the memories of former residents, who were instrumental in developing the town and who planted trees to make it more beautiful.

Work has already begun on the orchard.  Trees and grape vines have been planted and construction of a fence to keep deer out is underway.

There are several objectives for the Rockglen Heritage Orchard including the following:

  1. To establish and maintain a living monument to former community members
  2. To provide an additional park area for the community and the two seniors’ facilities adjacent to it; the Grasslands Health Centre and the Rolling Hills Lodge
  3. To provide an educational facility for school students from Rockglen School
  4. To provide free fruit for community residents
  5. To provide the basis for future events and festivals related to the orchard
  6. To provide an educational model for the local farming and ranching community with regard to fruit orchards.