As with any project, there are always ways to improve the form and function of things. However, just wishing won’t make it so. Therefore, we are publishing our wish list in the hopes that some generous “sugar daddy” or “sweet mama” might choose to donate something other than a tree or vine. Our list includes:

  1. Decorative gates for fence surrounding Heritage Orchard.  Complete!
  2. Additional funding to build the gazebo in Heritage Orchard. Complete!
  3. Rolls of plastic hose for an underground sprinkler system to conserve water in Heritage Orchard. Complete!
  4. Sprinkler heads for the above. Complete!
  5. A table and benches for the gazebo. Complete!
  6. A bird bath for a planned butterfly garden. Complete!
  7. Perennial plants for the butterfly garden.
  8. A second bird bath
  9. A bale of bark mulch
  10. Vegetable seeds for the next children’s garden
  11. 6 treated 2x4s, 16 feet long
  12. A wooden bridge or treated wood for constructing same
  13. More volunteers — caring for a park like this takes time and sweat.  If you’d like to volunteer to help out when you can, please contact us.