Now that the orchard is out of hibernation and is coming into bloom a lot has been happening. The sidewalk from the front gate to the Gazebo had been completed, thanks to Robert Prefontaine, Allan Spies, Garry Tucker and Harvey Kessler. The flower beds have been prepared and bedding plants and flower seeds have
been planted—thanks to Marilyn Remoue. The garden bed was prepared and planted by Robert, Lorna, Marilyn and Shirley Pilsner. It was decided to make a low maintenance garden this year thus potatoes, carrots and onions made the grade. We would like to give a shout to the ones who donated and worked in the background. Thank you to Darryl Swanson for the donation of the mature manure and to Terry Remoue for hauling it from the farm to the orchard. We would like to thank Sandra Quarrie for her donation of the fountain, Liz Kirby for her donation of Irises, and Alois Cartwright for the donation of the petrified rock and hauling them from his farm to the orchard. It has been a busy time but it is coming together. If it
doesn’t rain soon we will have to start watering. May be looking for volunteers in the future to
help with that.

However, we are still open for memorial or other donations. While there are no longer any trees to assign memorial plaques to, there are a number of large flowering shrubs available. You may wish one of these to act as a memorial for yourself or a loved one. There are spirea, potentilla, nine bark, honeysuckle, weigela, lilacs, Saskatoon bushes, barberry and a burning bush. Contact a member of the committee for more information on the shrubs. Some will grow as large as any of the dwarf trees, and all play an important part in the success of the orchard.

When making a donation to the orchard, you can receive an income tax receipt by going through the Town Office. Simply make your cheques payable to the Town of Rockglen, and a receipt will be provided. We thank all of the families who have given gifts to the orchard in memory of a family member. Please remember, there are many other items that can be donated. Each would be recognized with a plaque. In fact, we have put together a Wish List for your consideration –

1. Another bird bath
2. A bale of bark mulch
3. A wooden bridge or treated wood for constructing same

AND we will definitely accept all volunteers and new members. Looking out for one another will get everyone safe to the other side in these trying times.

Orchard Emerges from Hibernation