Heritage Orchard walkwayBit by bit the orchard is being put to bed for the winter. Our thanks to all those people who donated bags of leaves to help us cover the grape vines, shrubs and perennials. They’ll be toasty warm in the coldest weather. If you’ve been walking by the area lately, you will have noticed a fair bit of activity. Garry Tucker has been busy removing the soil from the sod that was taken up to create the walkways. It has been returned to the gardens to help in future growth. Thanks for your care of the ecology of our orchard, Garry.

Most of the pavers have been installed thanks to the work of Robert Prefontaine who acted as
foreman for the group that packed the walkways, laid down landscape fabric, sand, and the cement blocks. Thank-you Robert and crew: Garry Tucker, Harvey Kessler. We also appreciate the work of Dustin Miller who created the walkways and trenched the line for the trickle waterers for the new shrubs.

Orchard Update
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