Butterfly garden in Heritage Orchard, Rockglen, SK.

The latest donations we received are helping us with the development of the Bee and Butterfly
garden. We are working with Mrs. Waronek’s Grade 1/ 2 Class to plan the space. The class is
studying bees and beehives as well as the life cycles of bees and butterflies. Harvey
Kessler, a member of our committee, was a recent visitor to the class. He demonstrated a
butterfly house and answered many of the children’s questions. According to Harvey, he had “a
great time”.

As with any garden, ours will need flowering plants to attract specific insects. We are purchasing some
recommended varieties, but we have a large area to fill. At this time of the year, many local gardeners will be dividing plants. If you are able to donate any of the following, please contact Trina Waronek at the school, or Marilyn Remoue at 476-2257. We will need perennials such as: butterfly bushes, butterfly weed, Shasta daisies, bee balm, sedum, speedwell (Veronica), irises, lilies and fountain grass. In addition to perennials, the orchard always welcomes donations of small shrubs such as spirea, potentilla, and burning bushes.

We are also looking for annuals such as coneflowers, rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susans), Gallardia, Lantana, Domestic Milkweed, and zinnias.

This coming week, the school children will be planting the bee and butterfly garden. If you have any old newspapers around, we would welcome a donation on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be using them to prevent weed growth. They can be dropped off at the school with Mrs. Waronek or Mrs. Fogal.

Bee and Butterfly Garden