Since the dedication and formal opening of the orchard, we have had many inquiries about donations. Although all of the trees are accounted for, we still have a number of grape vines which can be purchased for commemorative purposes. As well, we have a fund started which will eventually allow us to install a trickle watering system in the orchard to help conserve water while keeping the trees healthy. Like most organizations, we also have a wish list ( i.e. our own mower, a new whipper snipper, pruning shears etc.). We will accept donations of any denomination no matter how small. Donations of $!00 and over are eligible for a tax receipt and a commemorative plaque. These plaques will be mounted in a prominent place, just like the ones for the trees. You may specify where you would like your donation to go if you wish.  We recently ran out of petrified wood for the plaques, but we have a few donors from whom we can obtain more rock in short order. As the rocks become available, the remainder of the plaques will be added. If you have any rocks you would be willing to donate, please call Russell at 476-7674. We will keep everyone informed of our progress.

Donation Information
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